Businesses are built on dreams and hard work. Let's show people what your business is made of.

One of my passions is marketing, it's where I currently spend my full-time career working with large scale colleges and universities across the US, but my marketing career started with helping to build marketing strategies for small businesses around the US! In my time working with small businesses, I've worked with well over 1000+ small business owners to help establish, build, and grow their marketing strategies. I do some consulting, so feel free to ask about that too, but one of the biggest change-makers for these small businesses is good, personally branded photos. I also know photos can be expensive, which typically isn't feasible when launching your business, or needing photos regularly. My goal is to help you put your best foot forward every day as a small business owner and help you best serve your community, which also happens to be mine here in North Georgia! Talk to me about pricing for sessions and digital storytelling, it truly varies based on how much content you need, the time frame you need it within, and what kind of resources we may need to pull in (models, props, etc). One of my passions is seeing small business owners grow and succeed! Let's have a conversation about updating your photos and making your business look and feel like what's in your heart! I can't wait to hear from you!

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