We did it, and know you can too!

Building your own business is a couple things, the first few that came to mind for us was exciting and exhilarating, with a fast follow of terrifying and nuanced. Needless to say, with each baby step we took it actually felt natural - contrary to our initial beliefs! We're here to share what we've learned so you take what resonates, and leave the rest for the next new photog to take with them when they need it. Below you'll find a few quick resources, like our quick guide for starting your photography business, a sign up for our 6-week quick start email series, and lastly, the opportunity to schedule a 30-minute consult to ask us any questions (business, gear, or otherwise!) to help you get your footing in the industry.

With previous experiences in education (Parker as a Professor, Meg as a Digital Marketer) it's again, only natural we start sharing what we've learned with people, like you, looking to learn. We can't wait to meet you, and especially can't wait for you to get your photography business rolling!

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