Meg & Parker Hyde

Hey there, we're Meg and Parker Hyde, a husband + wife fine art photography team based in North Georgia. We started our photography journey over 10 years ago when we started dating in college. On breaks, we would travel to other cities (Asheville was a favorite of ours!) and take our cameras to explore along with coffee and beer tastings! All things we still love doing together (taking photos, drinking coffee, tasting beer, you know, the good stuff). We would take photos of our adventures, each other, friends and family, but didn’t really think of our photography as a business until much later.

We're both Georgia Natives who moved back after 5 years living in the Midwest! Living in Ohio was a dream and we met the most wonderful friends, built our careers, our first home, and are now back home to continue to live out our dreams in the Southeast. Our time in Ohio definitely shaped our style of photography and we hope it's well received back down South!

​In reality, we never planned on moving back. It turns out you miss family quite a bit when you live halfway across the country and can't travel home because of a pandemic. Amidst all the chaos, Parker, also landed his dream job as a Professor at the University of North Georgia. The week we found out, we ended up selling our home that we built to some great friends without ever even listing and started packing our bags to head south to the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains.

Something you should know is that I come from deeply creative roots having parents who are both artisans and entrepreneurs. I fought the entrepreneurial spirit for a hot minute and started my career in corporate America, quickly realizing I value making my own decisions and serving people with integrity on my own terms. Thank the good Lord above that I had the wherewithal to listen to my soul and go back to my roots (and I don't mean my hair color). Parker has always been supportive as I have grown this business and more recently decided to join the team! HIs grandfather was also very much into photography, and he even shoots his PawPaw’s old film camera at weddings along with his digital camera! With Parker on the team, you get more perspective per session, more variation in final images, and some quality husband and wife banter guiding your reactions throughout the session itself.

That brings us to Hyde & Co. A collection of services through photography documenting a season, a place, a moment in time that you'll never get back, but will always remember. I chose Hyde & Co. because I personally wouldn't be who I am today without the company I keep and you are part of that story. Each time we meet with a client, you become a friend and an inspiration! So let's do this, friend!

 If our style is something that fits you, please reach out! Let's set up a conversation to see what you're thinking for your next set of photos.

We can’t wait to hear from you! 

Meg & Parker