If you're new to this space, I'm Megan Hyde, the Owner and Founder of Hyde&Co. I chose the name Hyde&Co because I wouldn't be who I am today without the company I keep. Each family member, friend, and client are part of my story and shape who I am, and my experience in this life, for that I'm so thankful. While my trade is photography, I love photography because it brings new people into my life with new stories to share. This blog is built with the intention to function as a stream of consciousness for how I view the world and experiences with people, businesses, and really anything I'm taking photos of. What you'll find here are anecdotal blogs from my sessions, stories from my clients, and experiences from our daily lives.

Thank you for starting here, I hope you continue to read, engage, and share your experiences!

Megan Hyde

Hyde&Co Tulip Sunset
Hyde&Co Mountain Range
Hyde&Co Tree Stump

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