But really, the details do matter.

We might be bias, but details usually set the tone for your day and for your wedding album. These shots speak to the "vibe" you've chosen as a couple to represent your wedding day whether that is super minimalist (pictured above), or soft romantic, industrial, farm chic or rustic, etc. There's so many ways to style your day based on your collective likes that perfectly represent you all as humans and a couple.

Sometimes when we speak with couples about "what details they plan to have" they are a little overwhelmed by the question, which makes complete sense as most (not all and that's perfectly good!) have never gotten married, or planned such an event as a wedding before.

We're here to tell you, it's not meant to be complicated and here are some things we look for that make for amazing detail shots! See these key items here below and think about how you can use these as you plan your wedding day!

  1. Your Dress. This might sound like common sense, but your wedding dress is typically the first thing we photograph! Your dress is also usually one of the first items you secure for your wedding day as well to go with the style of your venue. PRO-TIP: Make sure you bring a "pretty" hanger to keep your dress on. Nothing is worse than an expensive dress on plastic hanger. Also, if you plan to wear a veil, please make sure you steam it earlier in the week, or have a bridesmaid (after all, that's why they're there!) help you the day before or day-of so it's picture ready!
  2. Your Invitation Suite. Your invitation can be inclusive of the actual invite, RSVP cards, any corresponding envelopes, Save-the-Dates, custom stamps, or any specialty packaging you've chosen. You spent time and money picking these beauties out and mailing them across the country! How could we not photograph these? Your invites are often the second thing we photograph (unless we coordinate a time before the wedding which is fun too!). We love to get creative and pair your invites with other elements of your wedding day. This could include your veil, your rings, florals from your bouquet, or any other special items (we'll talk about this in a minute!). These create those oh-so-lovely flatlays we all love to double-tap on an Instagram feed, but more importantly these get documented in your wedding album so you have a collective look at all the parts and pieces that were part of you all celebrating your marriage. PRO-TIP: Pack these up in a box with any other trinkets you may want included the week of your wedding. This way you aren't scrambling to get them together and forget any pieces. A shoebox is typically a perfect hand-off vessel.
  3. Your Accessories. From your earrings to your something borrowed or something blue, these are the extras, heirlooms, or super special items you plan to include in your day for particular reasons. We absolutely love these and love to know the stories behind them. Is your something borrowed a cake knife from your grandmothers wedding? Let us know. Is your something blue a pocket of your fathers old shirt sewn into your dress (mine was!) or do you have an heirloom hand mirror you want paired with your invitations? All of these are carefully curated items that mean something to you and deserve to be photographed. We recommend making a quick list before and sharing it with us so we're aware of the special details you've included in your wedding day.

There so many other types of details you could plan for your day, but the point is, make them special and let us know so it's all well documented. We love making art with your items and making it part of your story that will be shared in your wedding album for generations!

Happy planning, friends!