Meet the Rodstrom's

I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda and Brad back in August. I was photographing a surprise wedding (carefully disguised as a fiesta-themed going away party before the couple moved to New Mexico) for their friends Dan and Doug - also delightful! The two of them are so kind, and we'd been in contact for scheduling a family session for the Spring/Summer timeframe when all of a sudden, life kind of went on hold.

I decided to postpone all my upcoming sessions and wasn't sure when I could start scheduling again. After about two weeks of quarantine, getting little stir crazy, and hearing of the idea of front porch sessions, I floated the idea of these sessions to my client base, and the Rodstrom's were the first to hop on board! They were so open about their excitement to document this season in life and contribute through the questionnaire! I appreciated their openness and responses, and it inspired me to move forward with these simple sessions.

As I drove through their neighborhood, I couldn't help but notice the number of families out in their yards, kids riding bikes, playing basketball in their respective driveways, and families genuinely spending time together outside with seemingly undivided attention. In my adult life, I have never experienced that driving through a neighborhood at 6 PM on a Thursday. My heart was so warm that despite these crazy times, these folks were outside making memories, documented or not. It gave me such perspective to be a fly on the wall and see people interacting with each other, from a distance, but as a community making the most of the situation.

As I pulled up, Amanda, Brad, their three kids, and sweet pup were all outside with a warm welcome. The family got together on the porch step, laughed, smiled, and talked as I took a series of photos, a quick video, and exchanged thank you's and next steps - all from a socially acceptable distance. The process was fast, simple, and filled my heart with so much joy and hopefully theirs too! As I drove away, I felt so thankful to be able to capture those moments and create a positive memory for them, despite this pandemic of COVID-19. This session specifically was a catalyst for me to move forward and was only the beginning of my experiences with my Hyde&Co Front Porch Families!

In Amanda's words, here's a little more about their personal quarantine experience:

Tell me about your quarantine experience so far? Up's and down's, but trending upward! Thank goodness for sun and warm weather!

What's been the most positive outcome for you/your family since quarantine has started? More quality family time!!! More time for physical activity outside as a family.

If you had to choose one word to describe your experience, what would it be? Flexible.

What are 3 things you've learned you can't live without? Daily walks, morning coffee, quiet time (no screens).

What's been the most creative meal you've made? Spaghetti tacos on homemade garlic bread.

Have you created any new habits you plan to keep moving forward? If so, what are they? Daily outdoor/physical activity time, daily quiet/non-screen time, family SCRABBLE night.

What will be the first thing you/your family does once the Stay at Home order is lifted? Go to our favorite restaurant, Northstar in Westerville, with the company of our loved ones whom we have not been able to be with.

Your additional thoughts/comments/stories can go here. I would love to hear! Life has certainly become very challenging but, we are so thankful for the growth we've experienced as a family. There is so much beauty in how we are changing for the better in the midst of such adversity and uncertainty!

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