Meet the Collins Family

I've been lucky to have the opportunity to photograph the Collin's on multiple occasions! Back in December, we did an in-home family holiday session with the whole family plus cookies! The girls had a blast and the family was wonderful to work with! Since that time, Erin has also participated in the Headshots for Hope to support Chloe Inc. as well as the front porch sessions featured in this post!

It warms my heart to catch multiple seasons for this family and to document this particular season of closeness still followed by uncertainty. I hope they look back on these photos years from now and think about how the world changed, but if nothing else, they were brought together even more closely as a family. Below you'll find some perspective on how the Collin's have moved through quarantine as team.

In Erin's words, here's a little more about their personal quarantine experience:

Tell me about your quarantine experience so far?

 We are making the best of it! We’ve spent a lot of time outdoors playing, going for walks and working in the yard. Dance parties, online learning, and tons of YouTube sessions. Without the pressure of getting the kids to school and activities, it’s been a little freeing to develop a routine that works for us.

What's been the most positive outcome for you/your family since quarantine has started? 

We are focusing on the things that matter most- fun time with the kids and learning how to fully lean into the belief that everything always turns out ok.

What are 3 things you've learned you can't live without? Amazon prime, books, and the internet.

What will be the first thing you/your family does once the Stay at Home order is lifted? Eat out at a local patio!

What's been the most creative meal you've made? 

Green shamrock pancakes for St.Paddy’s day with coco-whip topping and rainbow sprinkles.