Let's face it, most of us have been home a lot.

To have a place to be and people to be with in the middle of a worldwide pandemic is something to be thankful for. As I've observed all of the reactions across the board over the last seven weeks, I've decided my stance is to continue to share joy. I'm not discrediting all the hard work from people on the frontlines - they are brave and relentless, and we are lucky to have them serving their communities to help us all move forward - we quite literally could not without them. I am also not negating folks who may not be experiencing quarantine the same way. My heart goes out to all who are hurting through uncertain times or have lost loved ones or don't know when they will be able to go back to work. I understand there is pain, fear, anger, and all these other emotions out there, but right now, I'm focusing on what I can contribute and helping folks remember to smile, even when times are weird.

With all that said, the Hyde&Co Quarantine Chronicles will document the families who participated in the Hyde&Co Front Porch Sessions. I will also be including those who contributed to the Quarantine Chronicles Questionnaire. I'll share each families photos, give a little of their perspective on what they are experiencing, share their favorite pastimes for this season, and what they are looking forward to most in the days, weeks, months (who knows?) to come as we work through this together.

Please enjoy reading, and remember, photography is protected under the 1st Amendment, which is also protected under the Stay At Home Order in regarded to essential employees. Each session was photographed further than 6 feet apart, and no people were harmed during the making of this project.


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