Take a minute to plan

Take a few minutes to get your thoughts together and think about the order of events that typically happen when wedding planning. Fill out this quick form to get the Hyde&Co Wedding Planning Checklist sent straight to your inbox!

Step 1

Book your photographer.

This is one of the first things that is usually taken care of aside from choosing your venue and dress. The vibe of your photographer usually sets the stage for how you picture your day while planning, and how you remember your day years from now.

Step 2

Schedule your engagement photos.

Engagement photos are special because the season is often times short, and sweet compared to your lifelong marriage. Not only do these photos make for great save-the-dates, it's an opportunity for you to experience how your photographer will interact with you on your big day! As a photographer, it also helps me get to know you all and how to direct you for quick, efficient, and amazing photos on your wedding day!

Step 3

Get married!

Now that you've gone through steps 1 & 2, now all you need to do is get hitched! Just kidding, there's a ton of other steps before that and I am more than happy to be a sounding board, guide, or support system as you plan the other parts of your day. Feel free to ask any questions during the lead up to your wedding day, I am here to help!